Equipment Rentals
At Flamingo Audio, we know that making your event successful is the bottom line. We rent individual items, wireless racks, small systems lighting, video and more. Our gear is the best-maintained and trouble-free available in the West Sound. After all, what's the point if we rented you a cheap wireless microphone that feeds back when you try to use it? What good is a pile of gear if you forgot to rent all the cables to make it work? We'll ask you what you want to accomplish, and tailor the system to what you need. We'll package it so you know what connects where, and give you an idea of how long you need to plan ahead for setting up.

Our reputation has been built on anticipating your needs, and providing solutions before you ask. We're so stuck on this point, that we'll often give you an equal or better deal for having us deliver and operate the equipment for your event, than what you'd pay for just rental alone! Think about it - it saves you a lot of hassle, and saves us a lot of service calls and time packaging and repackaging the gear, so it's a real WIN-WIN situation! Check out the pictures to see some of our rental equipment in action serving our clients!

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