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Todays media systems have become simultaneously very simple and very complicated. It's so simple to snap a picture with your digital camera, download it onto your computer, automatically remove the "red-eye", and email it to friends across the world - and all before your first cup of coffee! All of that simplicity is the result of incredibly well designed hardware and software, along with robust redundant networks maintained by highly skilled engineers. It all works so well that we take it for granted until a server goes down, or the power goes out - boy, do we notice then!

Modern AV systems are like that, too, with one important difference - they must be designed much more carefully with your unique needs in mind for it to be effective. There are many pre-packaged solutions available, and there's a wide variety of equipment in all price categories. But now more than ever, it's important to remember the old "buyer beware" addage. "It's just a speaker right? Why would I spend $1,200.00 when I can get the 'same thing' for $249.00?"

Everybody has good intentions. We can help you accomplish your intentions with your media systems. We can work with your acoustical consultant, or recommend one that we know. We can ask and help you answer the important questions, such as: "How many inputs should I have for my snake system?" " Which is better - analog or digital consoles?" "How can we switch between the DVD and the computer during our presentation without pushing a bunch of buttons?" "How do we safely suspend our loudspeakers, and where do we put them?" "How can we keep this simple enough for volunteers to operate?" We have saved clients hundreds, even thousands of dollars by getting involved early in the design process, and sorting out the technical impacts of their goals while adjustments are easy to make.

Let us help you with your next project. Call Brad Walker at (360) 779-5522, or drop us an email.

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