Guaranteed Quality Sound For Your Event

When you call Flamingo Audio for your event, you get more than a microphone - you get technical confidence. You can focus on what you do best, because you can rest assured Flamingo will handle the technical details, and solve potential problems before they have a chance to surface. In fact, when we work together as part of your pre-production team, we guarantee a "no-hassles" experience. And after 20 years, we have yet had to refund a client for equipment failure or bad sound. Some say "it's just a sound system, right?" The Flamingo Way says, "Life is too short for bad sound." No event is too small or too big - we give them all 110% of our attention. In fact some of the most important events we've done center around two microphones - and one is a spare!

Involve us early in the event planning - we can help ask and answer the important questions that make your event go smoothly, AND save you time and money! To get started, call us, Email or Fax us your tech riders, or download our questionnaire below.

We understand there are times when you just need something to get by, and there are other people to call. But when it counts, call Flamingo!

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